‘Tis the Season for Kids Shoe Shopping!

As winters and the holiday season are here, comfy shoes for kids are a must-have. Keep the little toes warm and cozy to let them explore the outdoors without complaining during your fun trips this season. While packing for a family vacation or short trip, keeping the right shoes for kids is paramount for having a happy family time. We have a few suggestions to help you decide what to look for when buying kids’ shoes if a travel spree is on your mind.
 Winters in UAE are usually moderate compared to the other parts of the world. Therefore, for kids with hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating on their toes, closed-toe walking sandals are a good option than opting for completely packed boots. These sandals provide ventilation to keep feet dry yet cozy, which is specifically ideal for this weather.
 Breathable sneakers are recommended for city travel and short breaks at the park, mall, or resort. Choose a shoe with enough cushioning to absorb the shock so that kids’ feet are not hurt during walking or running.
 Blisters are a sure way to ruin traveling and all the sightseeing fun. Therefore, boots with lining and thick cushioning are preferable for hiking or sturdy walks. It is good to buy a size larger to leave room for socks. In winter, usually thicker socks are worn, so go for a 1.5-2 cm size up.
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Step into New Year with New Shoes!

As New Year is around the corner, everyone is equally excited about the upcoming celebrations. UAE goes all out for its New Year’s celebrations with extravagant fireworks, last-minute sales, delicious dining, live concerts, and other activities that no one gets short of choices to enjoy with family and kids. But to start your new year with joys and smiles, we recommend letting your kids step into it with a new pair of shoes so that they enjoy all the festivities with comfort and ease.
We believe that if the shoes fit perfectly, your kids are on the right track to achieve a healthier coming year. If you do not want to get your fun ruined, pick the right shoes for your kids according to the event. For instance, for small gatherings or places where kids do not have to walk actively, slip-ons with slightly cushioned footbeds can be a good pick. But if you are planning for active fun with kids, lightweight and thick cushioned runners or sports shoes provide better comfort to the little toes.
Comfort and ease come first when buying shoes for kids because they are always on the go and their soft, tender bones need extra care. With the cutest and coolest style inspirations in mind, choose from the wide variety of Just Kids Brands without compromising on quality and comfort. The trendy designs at Just Kids Brands ups your kid’s shoe game. We wish they take their first steps into the New Year with an actual fashion experience. Shop kids’ shoes at huge discounts from https://jkbshoes.com/

Stinky Feet? No More!

Smelly feet at the end of a long day of wearing shoes is a common problem. It often bothers mothers who dread the lingering stench when their kids toss their shoes off after coming from school or play. But before we delve into tips to prevent smelly feet, we must know what causes it. Feet have thousands of glands that release sweat. Therefore, when feet are packed tightly in shoes such that no ventilation is allowed, they develop an unpleasant smell. Hence, considering this primary cause of stinky feet, we have some tips for you to overcome this problem:
 Keep the feet clean. Practicing good hygiene is the key to odorless feet and shoes.
 Keep the feet dry and cool. Make sure to dry the feet with a towel after having a bath or shower. Never slip wet feet in shoes.
 Use a foot deodorant or antiperspirant to control the sweat.
 Consider using medicated insoles which are more effective in absorbing sweat.
 Change socks more often. Especially after an excessive workout, sports, or a long day, change socks to prevent the growth of bacteria which produce a foul smell. Also, use socks that are good for allowing air to pass through them, such as wool, cotton, etc.
 Keep rotating the shoes to allow enough air to cross through a pair when not in use. Using the same shoes daily does not allow the air to pass and dry the sweat.
 Do not wear tight shoes. Wearing tight or smaller shoes causes feet to sweat more.
Types of shoes sported play an important role in how much sweat is released by feet. Just Kids Brands has various open shoes like sandals, slides, and closed shoes made in mesh to allow air to move freely. Mesh also keeps the shoes lighter and easier on the feet, which helps in reducing sweat. Shop healthy shoes at: https://www.jkbshoes.com/

The Struggle to Tie Shoelaces Is Real

Teaching a kid to wear shoes often involves two challenges: putting the correct shoe on the right foot and tying the laces. But when it comes to laces, why blame the kids when many adults even find it difficult? Firstly, learning how to tie a knot is a bit tricky, and secondly, for kids, it is hard to make it tight enough so that it does not untie until they reach school. Then why bother them with this struggle when there can be other solutions? When your kids cannot tie laces, get their shoes without laces instead of expecting them to struggle with them all day long.
There is no magic solution to making kids learn to tie shoelaces, but there are solutions to get over this problem:
1. No Laces, Slip-on: This may be the easiest way to help kids wear shoes without the hassle of tying laces. However, shoes without any laces or other closure types can often be not as fitted. So double-check the fitting they need.
2. Lock Laces: The lock lacing or no-tie lacing system is a new modification to shoelaces that might help overcome this problem. Initially designed for athletes, the lock laces are elastic, quick to install, and easy to use. There is no rocket science in its use. One only has to press the lock device to open the passages for laces to slide and stretch them to tighten or loosen as required.
3. Hook-and-loop: These may be most favorite among kids. Hook-and-loop shoes give them control over how tight they want and the satisfaction that they do not need their mommies for help.
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Moms, No More Worries About Stinky Shoes!

When children wear shoes with socks for a long time or if their feet sweat a lot, it often leads to smelly feet and shoes. This foul odor develops due to bacteria or fungus that grows in the favorable condition of sweat and heat on the skin. Continuous use of dirty shoes and socks can even let this growing fungus damage the skin. Apart from being a health hazard, it can also be embarrassing and leaves a poor impression on others. Therefore, for mommies worried about their kids’ smelly toes after returning from school or long hours of sports, here are some tips to prevent them.
Simply put, the first tip is to practice hygiene! Use clean socks and wash feet daily with soapy water before wearing shoes and after taking them off each time. Also, ensure that socks are completely dry before slipping them on because moisture is the factor that promotes bacterial growth.
The second tip is to use an odor eliminator. It can be an effective disinfecting spray or commonly available baking powder put into each shoe for a few hours. Some essential oils, such as Eucalyptus and Peppermint are also good at eliminating shoe odor. Put a few drops in each shoe and leave overnight. A good suggestion is to use these odor eliminators weekly or biweekly for the daily used pair of shoes.
The third tip, though not suitable for all shoes, is for such pairs which can be machine-washed. Clean the stinky shoes in a washing machine with detergent and cold water and let them thoroughly air dry before using.
As a pro-tip, it is better to rotate shoe pairs so that there is enough time to air dry the sweat and moisture. If still none of it works, it may be the right time to get a new pair of shoes because nothing is more important than the health and hygiene of your kid. To check out kids’ shoes on sale, follow: https://www.jkbshoes.com/flash-sale and pick the right shoes for your child at discounted prices.

Buying Sports Shoes for Kids

Mommies! Are you searching for some sporty and sturdy shoes for your kids? Before going on your shopping spree, read this to learn what you need to look for when buying kids’ sports shoes:
 Find the perfect fit: It is important to buy shoes for your kids that fit them properly. When they wear shoes that are too tight, it puts them at risk of developing severe foot abnormalities and back issues. Shoes should be comfortable the moment they wear them. Therefore, make sure your child can wiggle all the toes.
 Shop at the end of the day: This tip is not just for kids but for adults as well. When you go shoe shopping in the evening or at the end of the day, your feet are usually sore. So, you will not fit for a pair that is perfect in the morning but hurts at the end of the day. Also, some people have a slight difference in both feet sizes. So make sure to test shoes on both feet or go for the larger foot’s measurement if buying online.
 Leave space for socks: Your kid will ultimately be wearing socks in sport’s shoes. So, either check their shoes while they are wearing socks or keep in mind some space for them while purchasing.
 Mind the laces: Even if you tie the laces perfectly, it often happens that when kids run around, their laces get untied. They can get badly injured if they trip over their untied shoelaces. Not only is it safe to go for lace-free sports shoes for kids, but they also love the bungee and toggle system since they can manage them without help.
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Technology Shoes for Healthy Kids!

Technology shoes might be a new term for many, but it is right here. Technology shoes are now a new favorite among kids and adults since they provide athletic performance and ultimate comfort. Integrated technology is used in shoe insoles and outer materials to improve comfort, convenience, and good health. One such technology is the EWF (Earth, Wind, and Fire) Italian Technology used by Just Kids Brands in their kids’ shoes to provide kicks for every element: earth, wind, fire, and water.
– The Earth element features bouncy foam and memory-technical insoles, which help in reducing ground impact. It provides incredible softness and comfort to kids when they move on hard surfaces.
– The Wind element comes with an air cool system. The outer material of the shoe is perforated with air channels to keep the feet cool and breathable. Combined with bouncy insoles and an antibacterial mechanism, it protects feet from excessive heat by keeping them cool, especially in summer.
– The Fire element of EWF technology provides antibacterial protection to feet, especially when they are moist or sweaty. Humidity and moisture can develop foot infections and grow bacteria that produce bad odors. Hence, foot sweat pads are designed from natural antibacterial material to keep feet healthy.
When the EWF material and design are used in shoes, they help in boosting physical health as well as releasing mental exertion. For kids, technology shoes are essential because when they run and play around, it causes excessive sweating in their feet. Thus, EWF Italian technology shoes eliminate most germs and bacteria produced through sweating, only with the natural materials used in shoe-making. To check out the EWF technology shoes for kids, follow https://www.jkbshoes.com/ewf/.

Find the Shoes That Make Your Little Girls Shine Like A Star They Are!

Buying shoes for little boys is a chore, but for girls, it is a whole new job. Due to their sizes, style preferences, occasions, and color choices, buying shoes for little girls can often become too complicated. These modern-day Cinderellas never want to compromise on how they look, yet want to be most comfortable. For mommies searching for perfect sparkling toes for their baby girls, we are here to guide them to make it easier on their minds and pockets.
Firstly, be mindful of what your little girl wants because this is what the princess wants! Nowadays, little girls are more particular than adults and they make sure what they wear and carry is up-to-date, fashionable, and appealing. Knowing what they like or demand beforehand can help you search for the style they look for yet satisfy your urge to find something comfortable and affordable. So, it is always better to talk to your girl before making a fuss in the shop.
Secondly, keep in mind the occasion. Whether it is a summer family vacation or her dressing up for a party, one thing you would like to ensure is comfort. Sometimes we get carried away by the style and show, but those shoes often hurt the feet the most. So, make sure she looks like an absolute diva who can walk comfortably in her shoes.
Finally, we suggest you go for the styles and colors that are more basic and elegant. There are a few wardrobe staples that suit every occasion. Like for birthdays, weddings, and parties, ballerinas and pumps are always chic and as comfortable as they are cute. Such simple and stylish shoes in ivory, pink, gold, or silver can easily pair with any outfit.
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Buying Online Shoe Size Guide

In online shopping for shoes, the most critical decision to be made is often choosing the right size. Different shoe brands vary in their sizes and provide different types of measurements, such as inches/ centimeters, UK, US, and EU. Most kids’ footwears have size charts depending on the foot length or kids’ age. Choosing a shoe for your child that fits snugly is very important – not too tight or loose, to allow a good grip. Wearing the wrong shoe size can cause blisters, abrasions, or even back pain. Choosing a half-size larger is usually recommended as kids are in their growing age, so their feet need space for growth. Since getting an accurate foot measurement is critical before online shoe shopping, here are simple three steps to guide you about it:
1. Draw sketch: Keep a paper on a flat surface and sketch your foot on it by outlining with a pen. Try to keep the outline as close to the edge of the foot as possible.
2. Measure sketch: Mark the longest and widest part of the foot with a ruler. Keep the ruler or measuring tape along the heel portion of the drawing in the center of the sketch. Make sure to measure the tallest toe. Repeat this for the other foot to check if both feet have even or disproportionate sizes and go with the larger one.
3. Determine the size: Look for the online size chart to find which size grouping fits your measurement. Relevant size charts are usually provided on footwear websites. See what size denomination for the shoe you want to buy matches your measured length in inches/ centimeters.
Just Kids Brands provides a variety of kids’ shoes specifically designed for their healthy foot growth. It is ensured that the shoes are lightweight, flexible, and shock resistant. To see our size guide, follow: https://www.jkbshoes.com/size-guide and pick the right shoe for your child.

When to Buy Your Kid’s First Shoes?

When to Buy Your Kid’s First Shoes?
Parenthood comes with many challenges, but it is one of the most rewarding journeys for one in life. Many sweet moments during a child’s development make the parenthood enjoyable and engaging. The baby’s first giggle, first time sitting, calling “mama” or “dada” for the first time, and the first step are all the developmental milestones that tell how the baby grows and what parents need to plan next. For instance, with the first step that comes to mind is the first shoes! But when exactly parents should buy their kid’s first shoes does not depend on how early they start walking.
Babies usually start walking around their first birthdays, usually between 9 to 18 months. At this age, a kid’s foot has soft bones and a fat pad that gives the appearance of a flat foot to support the body on uneven surfaces. The 26 bones of the foot do not fully develop until adulthood. Therefore, going barefoot helps to keep the balance and coordinate the steps, while allowing natural bone development without restricting feet by the shoes.
Although there is no fixed age or milestone to get the first pair of shoes for a baby, the decision should consider the baby’s comfort and development. When the baby starts learning to walk around the house, prefer to allow that barefooted. Wear them shoes only when they are outside or something can hurt their feet. Also, go for a flexible and lightweight pair with a good grip, yet enough room for foot development.
At Just Kids Brands, kids’ shoes for newborns to 10 years of age are available for every occasion and preference. Take your kids to Just Kids Brands or comfortably shop from your home at https://www.jkbshoes.com/.