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‘Tis the Season for Kids Shoe Shopping!

As winters and the holiday season are here, comfy shoes for kids are a must-have. Keep the little toes warm and cozy to let them explore the outdoors without complaining during your fun trips this season. While packing for a family vacation or short trip, keeping the right shoes for kids is paramount for having a happy family time. We have a few suggestions to help you decide what to look for when buying kids’ shoes if a travel spree is on your mind.
 Winters in UAE are usually moderate compared to the other parts of the world. Therefore, for kids with hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating on their toes, closed-toe walking sandals are a good option than opting for completely packed boots. These sandals provide ventilation to keep feet dry yet cozy, which is specifically ideal for this weather.
 Breathable sneakers are recommended for city travel and short breaks at the park, mall, or resort. Choose a shoe with enough cushioning to absorb the shock so that kids’ feet are not hurt during walking or running.
 Blisters are a sure way to ruin traveling and all the sightseeing fun. Therefore, boots with lining and thick cushioning are preferable for hiking or sturdy walks. It is good to buy a size larger to leave room for socks. In winter, usually thicker socks are worn, so go for a 1.5-2 cm size up.
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Step into New Year with New Shoes!

As New Year is around the corner, everyone is equally excited about the upcoming celebrations. UAE goes all out for its New Year’s celebrations with extravagant fireworks, last-minute sales, delicious dining, live concerts, and other activities that no one gets short of choices to enjoy with family and kids. But to start your new year with joys and smiles, we recommend letting your kids step into it with a new pair of shoes so that they enjoy all the festivities with comfort and ease.
We believe that if the shoes fit perfectly, your kids are on the right track to achieve a healthier coming year. If you do not want to get your fun ruined, pick the right shoes for your kids according to the event. For instance, for small gatherings or places where kids do not have to walk actively, slip-ons with slightly cushioned footbeds can be a good pick. But if you are planning for active fun with kids, lightweight and thick cushioned runners or sports shoes provide better comfort to the little toes.
Comfort and ease come first when buying shoes for kids because they are always on the go and their soft, tender bones need extra care. With the cutest and coolest style inspirations in mind, choose from the wide variety of Just Kids Brands without compromising on quality and comfort. The trendy designs at Just Kids Brands ups your kid’s shoe game. We wish they take their first steps into the New Year with an actual fashion experience. Shop kids’ shoes at huge discounts from