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Stinky Feet? No More!

Smelly feet at the end of a long day of wearing shoes is a common problem. It often bothers mothers who dread the lingering stench when their kids toss their shoes off after coming from school or play. But before we delve into tips to prevent smelly feet, we must know what causes it. Feet have thousands of glands that release sweat. Therefore, when feet are packed tightly in shoes such that no ventilation is allowed, they develop an unpleasant smell. Hence, considering this primary cause of stinky feet, we have some tips for you to overcome this problem:
 Keep the feet clean. Practicing good hygiene is the key to odorless feet and shoes.
 Keep the feet dry and cool. Make sure to dry the feet with a towel after having a bath or shower. Never slip wet feet in shoes.
 Use a foot deodorant or antiperspirant to control the sweat.
 Consider using medicated insoles which are more effective in absorbing sweat.
 Change socks more often. Especially after an excessive workout, sports, or a long day, change socks to prevent the growth of bacteria which produce a foul smell. Also, use socks that are good for allowing air to pass through them, such as wool, cotton, etc.
 Keep rotating the shoes to allow enough air to cross through a pair when not in use. Using the same shoes daily does not allow the air to pass and dry the sweat.
 Do not wear tight shoes. Wearing tight or smaller shoes causes feet to sweat more.
Types of shoes sported play an important role in how much sweat is released by feet. Just Kids Brands has various open shoes like sandals, slides, and closed shoes made in mesh to allow air to move freely. Mesh also keeps the shoes lighter and easier on the feet, which helps in reducing sweat. Shop healthy shoes at:

The Struggle to Tie Shoelaces Is Real

Teaching a kid to wear shoes often involves two challenges: putting the correct shoe on the right foot and tying the laces. But when it comes to laces, why blame the kids when many adults even find it difficult? Firstly, learning how to tie a knot is a bit tricky, and secondly, for kids, it is hard to make it tight enough so that it does not untie until they reach school. Then why bother them with this struggle when there can be other solutions? When your kids cannot tie laces, get their shoes without laces instead of expecting them to struggle with them all day long.
There is no magic solution to making kids learn to tie shoelaces, but there are solutions to get over this problem:
1. No Laces, Slip-on: This may be the easiest way to help kids wear shoes without the hassle of tying laces. However, shoes without any laces or other closure types can often be not as fitted. So double-check the fitting they need.
2. Lock Laces: The lock lacing or no-tie lacing system is a new modification to shoelaces that might help overcome this problem. Initially designed for athletes, the lock laces are elastic, quick to install, and easy to use. There is no rocket science in its use. One only has to press the lock device to open the passages for laces to slide and stretch them to tighten or loosen as required.
3. Hook-and-loop: These may be most favorite among kids. Hook-and-loop shoes give them control over how tight they want and the satisfaction that they do not need their mommies for help.
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