Moms, No More Worries About Stinky Shoes!

When children wear shoes with socks for a long time or if their feet sweat a lot, it often leads to smelly feet and shoes. This foul odor develops due to bacteria or fungus that grows in the favorable condition of sweat and heat on the skin. Continuous use of dirty shoes and socks can even let this growing fungus damage the skin. Apart from being a health hazard, it can also be embarrassing and leaves a poor impression on others. Therefore, for mommies worried about their kids’ smelly toes after returning from school or long hours of sports, here are some tips to prevent them.
Simply put, the first tip is to practice hygiene! Use clean socks and wash feet daily with soapy water before wearing shoes and after taking them off each time. Also, ensure that socks are completely dry before slipping them on because moisture is the factor that promotes bacterial growth.
The second tip is to use an odor eliminator. It can be an effective disinfecting spray or commonly available baking powder put into each shoe for a few hours. Some essential oils, such as Eucalyptus and Peppermint are also good at eliminating shoe odor. Put a few drops in each shoe and leave overnight. A good suggestion is to use these odor eliminators weekly or biweekly for the daily used pair of shoes.
The third tip, though not suitable for all shoes, is for such pairs which can be machine-washed. Clean the stinky shoes in a washing machine with detergent and cold water and let them thoroughly air dry before using.
As a pro-tip, it is better to rotate shoe pairs so that there is enough time to air dry the sweat and moisture. If still none of it works, it may be the right time to get a new pair of shoes because nothing is more important than the health and hygiene of your kid. To check out kids’ shoes on sale, follow: and pick the right shoes for your child at discounted prices.

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